Do you need an event organized and managed … marketing advice and guidance … a communications program … a plan to increase productivity and revenue?

For the best results contact the Waters Group. Our services include:
  • Marketing Analysis
    Research trends and behavioral patterns as a basis for recommendations

  • Strategic Planning
    Translate objectives into a coherent action plan to establish a strong brand

  • Sponsorship Activation
    Utilize sports/entertainment personalities and products to leverage marketing and business opportunities

  • Communications
    Enhance public relations with critical media representatives

  • Talent Management
    Provide guidance and advise regarding career decisions

  • Crisis Management
    Devise appropriate response mechanisms for emergency situations

  • Production Development
    Create and direct content for public presentation

  • Event Management
    Supervise logistical operations for on-site activities

  • Financing
    Solicitation of funding sources for the purpose of developing content

  • Personnel Recruitment
    Assist with identifying and screening for sources of new and diverse staff

  • Trade Show Support
    Determine suitable events for attendance and manage staff presence

Additional Services in Conjunction with Hunt and Associates:
  • Community Relations
    Identify programs to channel resources toward community activities and events that benefit underserved families and individuals

  • Media Training
    Teach techniques to develop the skills to present a professional and confident public image for radio, television, editorial board meetings and public speaking engagements

  • Social Marketing
    Create communication campaigns to leverage public action to support good works and positive contributions to address social ills and injustice

For the best results contact the Waters Group.
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The development of a brand identity is critical to communicating certain qualities that are the key to the public’s awareness and choices. - Neville Waters

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