“Neville Waters is, above all else, engaged. And to do that you've got to be smart, curious, well-read, well-rounded, passionate, open-minded and have a conscience. He could be longer off the tee but he makes up for it around the greens, and the most important thing is he's always going to be well-prepared and everything he attempts is characterized by effort...and lots of it.”
Michael Wilbon,
Former Washington Post Columnist
Host of Pardon The Interruption

"Sometimes it's not who you know, but who knows you. Neville seems to be on everyone's list."
Orson Porter

"Neville is smart, energetic, creative and connected. But more importantly, he's a loyal and trusted friend."
Nina Benton
Susan Davis International

"Neville is an excellent communicator who can describe complex elements in a very simple manner. In other words, he's an honest guy with integrity and intelligence. He really knows how to get deals done."
John Monaghan
Marriott Hotels

"I have known Neville for over 30 years. I admire and respect him because of his focus, commitment and achievements. In fact, when I need professional guidance Neville is one of the first people I call."
David Cornwell
DNK Cornwell Legal Services

“A decade of associations with Neville...job-seeker, co-worker, vendor...and through each one he has exhibited an admirable professionalism and a delightful style. His remarkable candor is refreshing. I've often said when I grow up ‘I wanna be like Nev!’”
Brian L. Chisolm
Conference Direct

”I have known Neville Waters for almost 40 years. I know everything there is to know about him and, even so, still can say nothing but great things about him! He truly is a renaissance man ... with knowledge of and expertise in an astonishingly broad spectrum of pop culture entertainment including music, sports, film, television, broadcasting, fashion, and fads/trends. He's also a very smart guy--and that's the real reason he is successful in so many varied endeavors.”
Eric Henry
CMPartners LLC

“Neville is one of the best ‘networkers’ in the business and knows how to get deals done. He's also hardworking and a pleasure to work with.”
David Cope
DC United

“If you watch Neville work a room, you will understand why he's called ‘The Mayor’”
Shavannia Williams


Determining the Unique Selling Proposition will provide the positioning that sets apart a message from the competition. It will lead to a circumstance where a decision becomes the logical conclusion. - Neville Waters

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